Absent testes in scrotum or empty scrotum (Undescended Testes/ Cryptorchidism)

Absence of either testis from its normal position in scrotum is called undescended testis. It is most common congenital abnormality found in male genitalia. Classification Congenital – Undescended testis present since birth Acquired – testis which has migrated up that has been previously noted to be present in scrotum Location wise – Inguinal (groin), Intra-abdominal,Continue reading “Absent testes in scrotum or empty scrotum (Undescended Testes/ Cryptorchidism)”

Male infertility

Nearly one in six couple unable to conceive after one year of marriage. Male infertility contributes nearly 40% part in the couple’s infertility. Initial evaluation consists of detailed history, physical examination for testes, vas deferens, varicocele. A simple semen analysis gives information for future direction of investigation and management. Management of infertility may include simpleContinue reading “Male infertility”