Hydrocele – common cause of scrotal swelling

Hydrocele is the accumulation of fluid inside the covering of the testis called tunica vaginalis and cause the swelling of scrotum. Hydrocele is present in newborn and disappear at around one year of age. Persistance of fluid inside the scrotum or development at later adult age due to various reasons cause this disease. Symptoms PainlessContinue reading “Hydrocele – common cause of scrotal swelling”

Male infertility

Nearly one in six couple unable to conceive after one year of marriage. Male infertility contributes nearly 40% part in the couple’s infertility. Initial evaluation consists of detailed history, physical examination for testes, vas deferens, varicocele. A simple semen analysis gives information for future direction of investigation and management. Management of infertility may include simpleContinue reading “Male infertility”

Varicocele – common entity of male infertility

What is a varicocele? Varicocele is the abnormal dilatation of testicular veins which become tortuous and enlarged. This condition is mostly present on the left side.   How does varicocele develop? Testis blood return through testicular vein requires a valve mechanism to prevent the backflow of blood. The incompetence of this valvular mechanism leads toContinue reading “Varicocele – common entity of male infertility”