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Curvature of penis (Peyronie’s disease)

What is Peyronie’s disease ?

Peyronie’s disease is the fibrous scar tissue of the penis which forms as a result of prior trauma to the outer layer of erectile body tissue. This leads to the bend or curvature of the penis. Short Frenulum (Tight Frenulum, Frenulum Breve)

What are the symptoms of Peyronie disease ?

The common symptoms includes curvature of the penis on erection (upward/downward or lateral direction), difficulty getting or maintaining erection (erectile dysfunction), pain while erection, feeling of lump in the penis, shortening of penis etc. Erectile dysfunction – causes, diagnosis and treatment

What is the cause of Peyronie disease ?

The exact etiology of this condition is not known. It is the repeated prior trauma by sexual acts, accident, athletic activities etc. to the penis which leads to formation of fibrous scar after healing. This leads to bending or curvature of penis.

How this condition is diagnosed ?

Peyronie’s disease is typically diagnosed with examining the scar tissue on palpation. The degree of curvature or bending is assessed on erection. Patient can self report with pics taken at home with penis in erect state or it can be assessed at hospital setting with intracavernous injection.

What is the treatment of peyronie disease ?

There are various oral and intralesional therapies available for this conditions though the therapeutic value of each is limited. Various oral agents include tamoxifen, pentoxyphylline, Vitamin E etc. Intralesional agents are injected into the scar tissue and helps loosening the scar and its size. Various intralesional agents which are commonly used are Collagenase injection (not available in India), verapamil injection, triamcinolone etc. Despite these therapies, there are large number of patients which need surgical treatment, whic include simple plication (placing suture to the opposite side of bending), partial or complete incision or excision of scar tissue followed by grafting. Penile implant is often required in patients undergoing excision of scar tissue with grafting.

Whom to meet if suffering from peyronie disease ?

You should meet your andrologist for management of peyronie disease.

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