Minimal invasive laser treatment for kidney stones

Kidney stones are most common urological disease. Over the course of years, treatment for kidney stones has drastically improved. Open surgery for kidney stone is nearly obsolete these days after the introduction of minimal invasive surgery (PCNL). With the recent advancement in technology, the armamentarium of the kidney stone removal have become more sophisticated andContinue reading “Minimal invasive laser treatment for kidney stones”

Know about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones/calculi

Kidney stones or otherwise called renal calculi or nephrolithiasis are deposits of combination of various minerals inside the kidney. The constituents of these stones are normally excreted into the urine. Excess concentration of these minerals in the urine leads its crystallization and further stone formation. Various reasons of stone formation include less water intake, dietaryContinue reading “Know about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones/calculi”