Tight foreskin/Phimosis – causes, symptoms and treatment

What is phimosis ? Phimosis is inability to completely retract the prepuce, otherwise called foreskin. This inability to retract is physiological and normal in children upto 3-4 years of age. Read how phimosis is different from short frenulum Short Frenulum (Tight Frenulum, Frenulum Breve) What are the causes of phimosis ? It can be congenital (presentContinue reading “Tight foreskin/Phimosis – causes, symptoms and treatment”


Nocturia is waking up more than once in night for urinating after going to sleep. Waking up more than once at night for urinating leads to sleeplessness, fatigue, poor concentration daytime, anxiety etc. Nocturia can be due to increased urinary frequency at night-time or increased urine production at night (Global or Nocturnal polyuria). Global PolyuriaContinue reading “NOCTURIA”

Prostate enlargement diagnosis

Prostate enlargement diagnosis starts with the history and examination of the patient. Symptoms are scored to assess the severity of disease. (Read symptoms of prostate enlargement at BPH (Enlarged prostate) Symptoms). Per rectal examination in office room gives the initial clue to the enlargement of prostate. Since the urinary symptoms are not exclusive for prostate enlargementContinue reading “Prostate enlargement diagnosis”

Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting)

Nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting is intermittent night-time urinary incontinence.   Relatively common in children.   5-10% of children at seven year of age may continue to have bedwetting.   Primary – when child has never been dry for at least six months.   Secondary – when child initially achieved dry period of more than sixContinue reading “Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting)”

Ten tips to improve urological health

Consume fluid intake of 2.5-3.0 litre/day in regular interval to maintain constant hydration. Drink cranberry juice to help prevent UTIs. Maintain weight in healthy range. Avoid smoking. Limit the intake of salt and caffeinated products. Empty your bladder before going to bed. Limit fluid intake 2-3 hours prior to sleep at night. Avoid prolonged holdingContinue reading “Ten tips to improve urological health”