5 tips for healthy prostate

1. Do not let your bladder to overfill than its capacity. Go to washroom when you get first urge to void. Make sure you go once in 2-3 hours in daytime.

2. Do not take excessive caffeinated products and alcohol. These can irritate your bladder and can cause frequent urination.

3. Restrict fluid intake after evening and do not take any fluid atleast 2 hours prior to sleep, so as to avoid getting up in night for passing urine. Avoid taking large quantity of water at a time.

4. Certain anti hypertensive drugs increase urine production. Such drugs to be taken in morning time. Certain medicines for cough and cold can also aggravate urination problem. Consult your doctor before starting such medicines.

5. Make a habit of doing daily exercise for 30 minutes. Sedentary lifestyle increases urinary symptoms.

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