Treatment of Benign Prostatic Enlargement

Once the diagnosis of prostatic enlargement is established and prostate cancer is ruled out, various treatment modalities are available. The treatment depends upon the size of the prostate, the severity of symptoms, age, and overall health of the patient. Medical therapy Medical therapy is for patients having mild urinary symptoms due to prostate enlargement. For small prostate sizeContinue reading “Treatment of Benign Prostatic Enlargement”

BPH (Enlarged prostate) Symptoms

The prostate is a small gland present in men just below the urinary bladder. Urethra make its way through it. The prostate does not grow until about 40 years when usually it starts enlarging.  Prostate enlargement occurs in every male though the rate of increase in size may vary with race, familial factors, etc. Although anContinue reading “BPH (Enlarged prostate) Symptoms”

Care of indwelling foley’s catheter

•Keep pericatheter area clean with saline or clean water and keep it dry. •Secure catheter to prevent movement in urethra. •Do not disconnect catheter from drainage bag unless absolutely necessary. •Keep bag below the level of bladder. •Empty the bag every 6-8 hourly or earlier if full. •Never let collection bag touch the floor. •AlwaysContinue reading “Care of indwelling foley’s catheter”

Hematospermia (Blood in semen)

•Presence of gross or microscopic blood in seminal fluid. •It may occur only once or may be sporadic and chronic. •The exact etiology is unknown in upto 20% of cases even after extensive workup. •Causes include – prostate infection, STDs, prostate cancer, urethral stricture, seminal vesicle infections and cancer, Genitourinary tuberculosis, testes cancer, deviant sexualContinue reading “Hematospermia (Blood in semen)”

Things to know about ‘Dhat’ syndrome (Nocturnal emission/Nightfall)

What is meant by nightfall or nocturnal emission or wet dreams? Spontaneous involuntary loss of semen while the person is in sleep is called as nightfall or nocturnal emission. It is most common in young boys (adolescent age group). Is there any side effects of night fall ? There is no evidence that nightfall (wetContinue reading “Things to know about ‘Dhat’ syndrome (Nocturnal emission/Nightfall)”