Andrologist, Urologist

Short Frenulum (Tight Frenulum, Frenulum Breve)

What is frenulum ?

Frenulum is the elastic fold of skin that joins the underside of the glans of the penis with the inner surface of the foreskin.

What are risks of having short frenulum ?

short frenulum (also called frenulum breve) is when the frenulum is so short in length that there is restriction in free and smooth retraction of the foreskin. This often leads to the pain and discomfort during sexual intercouse. Also, it can increase the risk of infections, as it is difficult to clean under the foreskin. Short frenulum can also get torn while sexual activity and hence can lead to bleeding. Read how this condition is different from Phimosis

What is the treatment for short frenulum ?

It can be managed conservatively if not causing any discomfort or pain. In some cases, steroid creams and stretching exercises can be enough to sufficiently elongate the frenulum. However in majority of cases, surgery is required to alleviate the symptoms. Frenuloplasty (Frenular release) is the mainstay of surgery. Sometimes, the resection of the frenulum (frenulectomy) or circumcision (removal of foreskin) is required. This surgery is done on day care basis with same day discharge of the patient after surgery.

Whom to consult for short frenulum ?

Urologist and Andrologist are the doctors, who look after such problems.

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