Care of indwelling foley’s catheter

•Keep pericatheter area clean with saline or clean water and keep it dry.

•Secure catheter to prevent movement in urethra.

•Do not disconnect catheter from drainage bag unless absolutely necessary.

•Keep bag below the level of bladder.

•Empty the bag every 6-8 hourly or earlier if full.

•Never let collection bag touch the floor.

•Always wash hand or sanitise with alcohol handrub before and after opening tap of collection bag.

•Do not instill disinfectant/antiseptic into the collection bag.

•In case of fecal incontinence, clean and dry the area and change catheter.

•Plan of catheter removal when no longer required.

Published by Dr Varinder Attri

MS MCh (PGI Chandigarh), Urologist and Andrologist

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