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5 tips for healthy prostate

1. Do not let your bladder to overfill than its capacity. Go to washroom when you get first urge to void. Make sure you go once in 2-3 hours in daytime. 2. Do not take excessive caffeinated products and alcohol. These can irritate your bladder and can cause frequent urination. 3. Restrict fluid intake after…

Erectile dysfunction – causes, diagnosis and treatment

What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction or otherwise called impotence, is the inability of achieving or maintaining hard enough erection of penis, that is required for sexual act. Persons with erectile dysfunction have either looseness of erection or have complete lack of erection. Read how it is different from premature ejaculation Premature ejaculation- causes, diagnosis…

Minimal invasive laser treatment for kidney stones

Kidney stones are most common urological disease. Over the course of years, treatment for kidney stones has drastically improved. Open surgery for kidney stone is nearly obsolete these days after the introduction of minimal invasive surgery (PCNL). With the recent advancement in technology, the armamentarium of the kidney stone removal have become more sophisticated and…

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